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St. Louis Wedding  Dance

Wedding Dance Lessons

 (314) 378 - 4453

Wedding Dance Lessons

It's your wedding day and at the reception all eyes are on you and your spouse - your family, friends, and new in-laws, many of whom you have just met. The cameras are rolling, saving every second for you both to remember forever... 

It's now you realize - You should have taken dance lessons and this is the longest three minutes of your life! St. Louis Wedding Dance Company can turn your wedding dance jitters into confidence and finesse.  We have been a part of preparing couples across the St. Louis Area.


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

Wedding Rings and Bridal Crown
Zoom Lessons


              First lesson $35


  $65 per 45 minute lesson,

                 per couple  

Wedding Dance Lessons.


Remember everybody with a cell phone has a camera, and how many people have cell phones?


 Anybody can learn to dance. If you have a heartbeat you have rhythm and that's all it takes.


 Whether you are the wedding couple and need lessons for your spotlight dance or you're wanting to learn a social dance for the event like swing, salsa, rumba or Cha Cha, call me and let's make it happen.  

Just call now to schedule your first lesson.                      314-378-4453

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Let's Make The Moment



My Location

236 Old Meramec Station Rd

Manchester MO. 63021

Call for more information.




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